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  <p class="text-align-center" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1494274825175_245">50 listings<br>5 featured listings<br>Chat with your leads<br>Feed synchronization<br>Try free for 30 days no credit card required</p>
<p class="post-an-price">$39/Month</p>
  <a href="http://agent.huthunt.com/agents/register" class="post-an-link">Get Started</a>
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    100 listings<br>
    10 featured listings<br>
    Chat with your leads<br>
    Become a neighborhood specialist<br>
    Feed synchronization<br>
    Try free for 30 days no credit <br>
    card required</p>
<p class="post-an-price">$79/Month</p>
  <a href="http://agent.huthunt.com/agents/register" class="post-an-link">Get Started</a>

Frequently Asked Questions

What is collaborative renting, how does it benefit me? How does the “split this apartment” feature work?

Collaborative renting is a social, collaborative, and interactive approach to real estate marketing that provides brokers, leasing agents, apartment seekers, and potential roommates with a single platform to communicate. This model creates an efficient system in which all parties involved are able to work together with the same end goal in mind: finding an apartment. Our system of collaborative renting is proven to get your 2br+ units rented faster than ever before. The “split this apartment” feature lets our users search for a roommate to apply for your listing with. Just click “splits allowed” when you post your listing!

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes. Our plans are month to moth, so if you are unhappy with our product at any time, you are free to cancel. You can also switch to a lower tier, or higher tier at any time.

What is a neighborhood specialist, how do I become one?

A neighborhood specialist is a broker or agent with a unique understanding of a specific neighborhood and can best serve our users in finding their dream space. Being a gets you a leads whenever we have a user looking in your neighborhood, and needs the support of an expert. To become a neighborhood specialist you must sign up for our silver or gold membership, and have a proven expertise in one of our key neighborhoods.

Who can I chat with, how do I use your chat feature?

You can chat with any users that have liked any of your apartments. You can acess our chat feature directly on your agent dashboard.

How many listings can I post at a time?

You can post as many listings as your plan allows 50, 150, and 300 respectively for Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans.

What are featured listings, how do I get mine featured?

Featured listings are showcased on our homepage where users visit before anything else. Having your listings on the home page gives you better exposure and makes them more likely to draw leads that convert to a deal.

How do I post my listings, do you accept feeds?

You can post your listings manually via our interactive agent panel, import a .csv as frequently as you’d like, or paste an .xml link that we crawl every 24hrs. We accept all kinds of feeds-- let us know how we can best get your content on our app by emailing us at info@huthunt.com

Do you really accept feature requests?

Yes. We’re all about you, and open to building out any features you think can help you close more deals. Have any more questions? e-mail us at info@huthunt.com


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